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After Builders Cleaning Service

After building or renovating a home/commercial property, quite a mess is left behind. Tackling this mess is a tedious task that you may never get the chance to clear up fast for occupancy. You need after builders cleaning service to handle this task in a fast and efficient manner. This is your only ticket to getting your home look just the way you want it to appear.

Whenever you need professional building cleaning services, pick up the phone and call Cleaning Agency Ltd for your new building or renovated building cleaning needs.

Cleaning Agency Ltd is ready to offer a variety of cleaning services on the designated location. With professional builders cleaners, cleaning is carried out in an effective manner. We make access to timely cleaning that will leave your rooms spotless clean in a short time available. These personnel are able to remove stains caused by building materials too. The stain removal process eliminates all forms of unwanted discolouring in the building as well as rid off grime lodged in the floor. Our fully qualified, trained and insured builders cleaners will pay attention to details in cleaning your property and strive to give you results that are beyond your expectations. The team will clean your home to make your moving in process hassle free and without need for further cleaning.

Many home owners and commercial site owners have called our cleaning company for cleaning services and have been able to get habitable rooms after a few hours of cleaning. We complete all the basic tasks leaving the environment residency friendly. We offer a range of services including:

Wall scrubbing

Vacuuming surfaces to ensure they remain dust free

Spot cleaning walls and ceilings

Mopping floors and removal of paint and plaster from floors

Label removal from fixtures like bathrooms, windows, and kitchen sinks

Cleaning skirting boards, cabinets, windows, door jambs, and other surfaces

We also provide: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning and domestic cleaning are also available at an extra cost.

Call us on 9207679640 for more information regarding our after builders cleaning service and to obtain a free of charge estimate.