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Domestic Cleaning Services

Clean our Kochi Cleaning Agency Ltd is the best company to select for all your cleaning needs. You receive plenty of benefits by calling our company for your residential cleaning.

Our affordable cleaning rates start at just 200 to 600 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours on a weekly and 3 hours on a fortnightly basis. Our low prices in no way compromise the quality of house cleaning delivered to our clients. Getting steady cleaning services from our company entitles you to friendly prices. We also encourage referrals and offer you price reductions for each client you refer to our cleaning agency.

Our domestic cleaning servicesare not only limited to residential but also covers office cleaning. With a desire to maintain a clean environment among out clients, we ensure that your home remains habitable and your office remains attractive to clients.

Our domestic cleaners are adequately trained and insured. We offer personalised cleaning services for your home cleaning needs. They are able to conduct extensive cleaning as specified by the client. Our client’s testimonials are able to speak more about the excellent services they were able to receive.

We have been able to deliver timely cleaning to numerous offices and residential all around KOCHI . Effective and efficient services ensure that our clients never pay for anything more than the service received. Our house cleaners are able to carry out services that other cleaning companies are unable to perform.

Quality checks are a custom of the company. This makes sure that our services are of the best quality at all times. Our supervisors carry out this service to ensure that you get all the services you paid to receive.

Our company is flexible enabling it to take care of various needs of the company. On many occasions, you may need services that are not listed among our services, do not hesitate to specify your needs. We will ensure that all you receive what you need.

Why hire us?

The presences of dust inside your home or office present an unattractive view on those coming into the room. You will lose your clients due to dusty offices and expose your family in the home as well as staff to unhygienic conditions. Using Cleaning Agency Ltd to keep your surrounding clean in the home and office will leave a habitable room and in addition healthy individuals.

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