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Domestic Cleaning Prices

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality and affordable cleaning services. The domestic cleaning prices we offer are extremely reasonable and competitive.

There is no extra charge and the house cleaning rates easy to understand.

Our service rates are the following:

Regular domestic cleaning
$15.00 hour

for a minimum of 3 hours

on a fortnightly basis

Regular domestic cleaning
$15.00 hour

for a minimum of 2 hours


One-off spring cleaning
$16.00 hour

minimum callout charge

5 hours

After builders cleaning
$17.00 hour

for a minimum of 3 hours

on a fortnightly basis

If you would like to know more about our costs and services get in touch with Cleaning Agency Ltd today on 9207679640

Client Reviews

“Both myself and my wife love our cleaner Tsvetana. She does an excellent job at cleaning, is polite and always has a smile on her face. She could be a little more punctual sometimes, but we all have our flaws. She is highly regarded in our family.”

Greg Kuzdenyi

“Thank you, it’s purely a financial reason. Please let me know what i would owe to honour my notice period. The running of the agency is perfectly fine.”


“Svetla is an excellent cleaner. I would certainly recommend her to- she is always professional, on time and delivers. I am happy with her and have used her services for some years. 5 Stars!”

Azha Yakoob

“Yes, this was fine. I’m happy with this cleaner.”

Christian Hennig

“Very happy – would be great if cleaners could understand English a bit better. But it has been possible to manage, so all ok.”

Andre Valente

“Cleaner Diana Yurieva is very happy with cleaner – she does an amazing job”

Lottie Kent